Film Based Teaching Methodology, FBTM®

FBTM® is a unique and proprietary approach to content development focused on ensuring teaching-learning effectiveness for large number of students and teachers spread across geography. FBTM® content has proven to be highly effective in producing superior learning outcomes on sustainable basis.
A typical EVS video
A typical Mathematics video

FBTM® Design Features


FBTM® content is aligned to the prescribed syllabus and curriculum making it easy to use and relevant for both, teachers and students.


FBTM® content seamlessly marries learning inputs with a highly engaging learning experience for the students.


Multi-modal approach using a mix of storytelling, animations, demos, peer learning, etc. ensuring stickiness and lasting impact.


Very close to day-to-day spoken language making the content connect deeply and personally.

Visual Design

Real and relatable from student’s context. The idea is to engage the students, not to overawe them.


Teaching and learning is a binary. FBTM® content is sensitive to the needs of both, students and teachers.

FBTM® Content Elements

Student Videos

Powerful videos which ensure deep learning and help teachers teach

Teachers Videos

Videos to guide teachers on delivery and pedagogy


Tests, assignments, solved papers and quizzes


Easy support for evaluations, feedback and records