School education characteristic challenges

250 Mn students 20+ languages, 55/35 govt-budget private schools, poor learning outcomes.

Addressing the key challenges.

We believe that any education solution hoping to make a largescale impact must address the specific and collective challenges of schools, teachers and students

Teacher Quality & Availability

There is a shortage of >1 Mn teachers in India which, combined with outdated pedagogy & low teacher motivation, is at the heart of poor teaching-learning in our classrooms.

Our education will only win when we empower and equip the teachers inside the classroom with tools which make teaching easy and effective at the same time.

Student Engagement

Student engagement reflect poor teaching quality leading to lack of understanding and disconnect with subject matter. Little or no support at home and unaffordable tuitions lead to overall disinterest & disillusionment.

Student engagement is a function of content design, pedagogy and teaching effectiveness.

Vernacular Comfort

Research has established that elementary education is best in own language. Both students and teachers are comfortable in local language and conceptual understanding is deeper and lasting.

This underscores the necessity of quality content which is relatable linguistically and visually besides being as per the prescribed syllabus.

Learning Outcomes

ASER & NAS reports have shown little improvement in student learning outcomes over the years. COVID has eroded even the meagre achievements of past causing huge concerns for future skills & manpower productivity.

Learning outcomes can only be ensured when the school management, teachers and students are all aligned to the same goal.

A solution for all.

An e-environment integrating video content, video streaming, learning resources and other learning management tools

For Schools

Teachers teach better

Visibility in classroom operations

Students learn better

Tracking performance

For Teachers

Easy to use technology

Control in your hand

Reduce your workload

Your students perform better

For Students

Carry your class home with you

Ace homework and exams

Repeat lessons for better learning

Helps your home assistance support

A method & a model.

Solving for elementary education is not about content and technology alone. The vital elements are outreach and a practical operational model.

Government schools follow prescribed syllabus

Budget private schools follow government schools and try to go one up

Students follow school


We make vernacular FBTM® content as per the prescribed syllabus


We provide practical equipment and digital infrastructure


We work with government schools at no cost to them, and with budget private schools


We provide low-cost home access to students